Tech Vs. Family Time? Why not both.

From the way we work to the way we socialize, technology has virtually changed every aspect of our society over the past few decades. Take a look at how children today play and interact verses the generation before. You’ll find that more children aged between two to five years of age can run applications and video games but can’t tie their shoelace or ride a bike. Scary right? Well not exactly.

While many parents actually debate whether technology is a boon or a bane, it’s important to recognize that technology is here to stay. In the right environment and with the right supervision and monitoring, kids can actually benefit greatly from their interaction with technology.

When used correctly, technology can actually encourage creativity and dynamic thinking – allowing children to experiment with situations, scenarios and approaches. Many softwares today actively teach math, science, social studies, and other useful topics. Studies reveal that a curriculum designed with the integration of digital media can improve early literacy skills, concentration, and multi-tasking ability.

So the question still arises. Even with the benefits that technology may pose, how can families find that perfect balance between technology usage and family bonding? Instead of differentiating the two, why not put them together?

Miko is a next generation companion robot for children with advanced artificial intelligence technology with significantly enhanced emotional and social intelligent capabilities. Simply put, he’s a robot companion with a one-of-a-kind personality.

Miko’s interactive features provides both advanced companionship with learning and development benefits to children and, at the same time, enables closer interactions between family members. Additionally, with a parental analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage your child’s interactions, Miko always plays by your rules.  

Thus, Miko not only provides children with the benefits of technology, but becomes a strong value addition and not a substitute for the family – one that actively enables parents to participate in their child’s developmental education.


Breaking News With Miko

We are excited to share good news with you!

Now, enjoy listening to the news headlines read by our special reporter, Miko.

Fill your child’s curious mind with current affairs and the trending topics, as Miko delivers the news from around the world.

By reading out the headlines that are child-friendly,  Miko aims at widening the scope of your child’s knowledge and helps in the deeper understanding of the world and its affairs.

img-1083             img-1084

Wondering,  how your child will take advantage of this fantastic feature!


Here’s how!

Just ask Miko:

  • Tell me some news
  • Tell me the news
  • Give me the news
  • Give me some news
  • What’s in the news?
  • What’s the news?
  • News updates, please
  • News please
  • Play the news
  • Play the news for me
  • What’s the news today?
  • What’s in the news today?
  • Update me with news
  • Update me with some news

Stay on your toes! As, your child, will initiate a conversation on the trending news.

Miko promises to help your child to be well informed now and always!


Miko’s Toe Stand

In the latest update of My Miko, we present a whole new feature ‘Toe Stand’.
To access Toe Stand, Update My Miko App Version to 3.2.37 and above.
Once you open the app after updating, go to Playhouse and you shall see the Minigames section with Toe Stand.


You need to calibrate your miko in order to access the Toe Stand Mini Game Section.
Click on to Let’s Go>> Play>> Update to calibrate your miko.
The calibration process will take around 1 to 2 minutes.

Things to keep in mind before updating/calibrating:

  1. Place Miko on a flat floor or surface.
  2. Make sure there is no obstruction in the periphery of 2 meters.
  3. Your Miko needs to be at least half charged or above in order to execute calibration.
  4. You can not calibrate Miko while charging.
  5. Please do not move your miko in the procedure.
  6. In case it fails Resume the process or Retry the process.


You can see your Calibration flow as shown in image 4.
Once the calibration gets successful, you will get to enter the Toe Stand Game Screen.
Here you can now see Miko making different shapes and movement on two wheels.


  1. Your Miko needs to be minimum 25% charged to make any shapes or movements on two wheels.
  2. You can not access the Toe Stand section if your Miko is plugged into a charger.
  3. In case of surface change please re-calibrate your miko from the button on the bottom left corner as shown in the image 4.